Kofi Baiden "Festive Tune"

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James Kofi Baiden was born in 1962 and studied painting at the college of Art, KNUST, in Kumasi, Ghana. He works as an artist and a musician. He combines color and music and selects topics from the rural and traditional Africa.

"Expressive colors are a difficult venture in painting. Only few young artists dare to venture in such intensive employment of color. But there are artists, who possess the natural gift, to discover the secret beauty of nature and to combine color with the high-sensitivity required from the imagination of the artist to find difficult aesthetic solutions, which at the same time create visual effects and satisfy the emotional and aesthetic requirements of the viewer. He uses the color for his creative artistic Fantasie, in order to express his concepts of a versatile and rich Ghanaian culture as a direct visual message.

However James Baiden is not only a painter, he is also a church organist. Music is therefore likewise an important expression in his paintings. This becomes obvious in the rythmic expression of color in his work. The systematic gradation from darkest to brightest colours results in a harmonious scene, a reminiscence to musical sound, settled between the lowest and highest tones of the scale and which manages to convey a harmonious effect to the "listener"."

Ato de-Graft Johnson, art critic and teacher at the college OF Art, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana